Sunday, August 3, 2008


BREAKING still not done with book it is so freaking long...So i went to the book party at 10 did some bobbing of the appples, twilight trivia games(which i sucked at haha), and tattoed my self with twilight lips MUAH!!! It was so much fun...Oh and I won a gift certificate to the pizza factory!! But most important I got my book!!! O f cousre my die hard sister stayed up all night long and read the whole entire book I went into her room the next morning and her eyes were bloodshot read it was scary!!! I however got to page 130 and stopped cause I was so upset with the book!!! My little heart is broken for jacob:( and lets just say i've cried in almost every part of the book he is in..) pathetic but true...I will not say much more for the sake of those who are not finished with the book....YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHOCKED!! we all should have seen it comin!! I will post some pics of my book fun when my sis gets home from church and can help me hahhahaha