Monday, July 12, 2010

getting a little bored in what do you do..make indian videos DUH

Part one

Part 2

Fireworks Batches I wish i could just say what i mean but i wont mwhahaha


Getting ready to go to the parade....and kuddos to me for not going and buying her outfit like usual I made her shirt all from older clothes woo woo chloe eating (insert here cross eyed little boy off denise the menice voice) uhhhh an apple..
After about the 11th group of chunky cheerleaders walked by they got a little tired
and here is were i get upset so i made chloe the cutest 4th of july tutu and shirt, she wore it to church and by the time we were about ready to got to the picnic she had gone into my make up and destroyed it...and i didnt even get a pic oh well... so this is why chloe is wearing pink instead of red white and blue...what a shame girl

but of course that didnt stop her from doing the classic popsicle face on the fourth of july pic:)

I think im obsessed with putting chloe in bright colors..oh well tis the season

where's waldo aka chloe

chloe likes to hide in anything and everything one da y I had put her in "time out" and I go to check on her and she had gone into our closet and was hiding in chads huge suit case it was so funny. Another funny story, chloe's timeout spot is on our bed and whenever chloe is done with her time out I make her apoligize and say sorry for what she has done. So one day she is taking a nap on our bed and she wakes up and looks around and sees that she is on the bed and starts saying I sowie (sorry), I be nice... and she just kept repeating it, it was so funny!!