Monday, July 12, 2010

getting a little bored in what do you do..make indian videos DUH

Part one

Part 2


Emily Wilde said...

oh my gosh, i am so proud to tell everyone that i am related to you. hahahahahaaaaaaaaa. i think the miss indian is coming up again in st. george we better go to pizza factory and get the sign up flyer for you again. i will mail it to you.

Just Rawlings Along said...

you are sooooo awesome!!! They definately broke the mold when they made you!!! We love you so much ness....come home soon!
luv suz

Just Rawlings Along said...

on behalf of the indians living in america i am ashamed of your video it is poor in taste! By the way some of us work at seven eleven and cheap electronics stores, we all dont work in call centers.


jourdan.s.hatch said...

HELLLL YAAA! I'm so glad you posted these! Awe, I miss you dude. I'm serious about the moving up north thing.