Thursday, July 16, 2009

here is some of the fun with friends
and some more fun

chloe and her close ups...and
of course she is with her
buddy brye

she looks a little sick here hahaha

and her and brye again

We went to hull beach in the afternoon when the boys got off it was so fun
This is chloe's new best friend she loves brye

and her is the happy family

and here we are again

and this is me being naughty and letting her lick the sucker it was so cute i couldnt resist

all of us girls at the fabulous hingham parade

The background in this picture is so perfect for the fourth of july

chloe is so happy on the fourth of july its her first and she is lovin it

Sunday, June 28, 2009

when you are looking go to older post cause I did a few cause its been forever
CHLOE IS GROWING UP SO FAST:( she fell asleep while I was making calazones for chad for lunch and I decided I must paint her toe nails cause I always say im going to and i never do...she looks so grown up with them painted
hurley bootie

she looks like a little turtle


HAPPY FATHERS DAY.... chloe in her cute cheetah was of course the first outfit i bought her I searched everywhere for some cute cheetah clothes

I got bored one day and tried to make up y own photo shoot hahaha they are cheesy but we had some and the football one made chad happy ...I made him a cute book for fathers day with all his and chloe's pictures it turned out so cute

We took a torip into boston and walked the freedom trails and saw fenway park....sorry there isnt many picture describing the trail but as you all know I hardly ever attended my history class so I had no idea what any of the stuff was...something about paul revere a lantern the red coats this chruch, bunker hill uss constition and then the red sox...WAHOO now were talkin Chloe and I were exhausted after our long walk through boston

On Chads birthday we took a trip to the beach and then came home and had a barbaque It was so much fun chloe at the beach ahaha she was sleeping
chad thinks he is hot...haha he is a cutie

and this is boston for you one minuete its nice and sunny and the next its raining


Shawna and I took a trip out to conneticut to meet her dad and we came upon this cute little resteraunt on the harbor and they had this fun little mini houses

Sunday trip to plymouth rock

We took a fun little trip with ur friends to plymouth rock we thought it wuld be a way huge mountain and it was a little rock hahaha

the famous plymouth rock haha

shawna aka little mermaid haha

our sushi dinner hahaha

chloe looks confused

i didnt know he was behind me hahaha

once again she looks confused