Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mine and chads bathroom

our home in boston

the kitchen im in love with the granite counter tops
the fire place sorry its backwards hahha

chloe's shower

i love the bright colors

chloe's bathroom

the train trip to down town boston

hahaha i love shawna

I had to take this picture its downtown in its finest

me and erin in downtown boston and of course chloe and ben..they are so cute

me and chloe on the T so fun but so scary haha

Boston Bound Mommies!

Fun with Mommy!

I sold poor Raven to the Hispanics... I Cried!

Chloe's 1st Easter at Mimi's!

Chloe's 1st Easter Egg!

Chloe's Baby Blessing!

hello my fellow blooger friends

ok im so sorry you have had to look at those ugly children on my blog for so basically retarted when it comes to computers so it takes me forever to post...but I must now that im away from my loved ones...SO MUCH has changed..first off I did have my little baby girl chloe and thank goodness she looks nothing like those hideous children on my blog...she is so cute, she is getting so big and it makes me so sad:( but im enjoying every minute of it...she is my little best friend I love spending my days with her, she is always happy and calm which is so odd considering me and chad are her parents hahahahaha...So this summer we dedcided to go out with apx again, but this time we are in BOSTON:) love it out here so much im so grateful we came out again im having so much fun the places are so nice!!! dont get me wrong I dearly miss our avacoda green countertops but im adjusting very well to our new place hahaha!! Me and a couple of the wives make dinner everynight for our hubbys and its so muh fun im learning so many fun new recipies and im not gonna lie im becoming quite the cook:) so here are some pics of our new home and some of the fun things we've been doing...

PS I miss all my family and friends:)