Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

tori and kitty i miss you

its kinda crazy how much life changes once you get married i have lived in pittsburgh boston texas northern utah southern utah and had a baby, i love to look back sometimeson the great memories i shared with my two closest friends katie and tori if im ever having a hard day i think to one of our many memories and just busting up laughing i miss you girls cant wait to see you at the end of the summa summa summa time ...

reasons to love torrence.
  1. tori and i met in the 2nd grade and have been friends ever since
  2. begging anne to let us have sleepovers, "my anne your looking very beautiful today".
  3. tori hogging the tramp and forcing me to watch her do tricks "one more, one more"
  4. walks to wal mart to get candy, which also meant stealing my dads change
  5. her making me pee my pants all the time
  6. mini hair brushes...our secret code for popsicles haha
  7. make overs with her sisters, which also meant photo shoots
  8. notes
  9. her coming home with me everyday after school, and me telling my mom she just got off at my bus stop to walk to wal mart, (ME: tori my mom isnt gonna care if you come over just ride the bus home with me, TORI: ness she said that you have to do your chores before i come over now, ME: tori your being dramatic just come over , MOM: vanessa i told you no friends until your chores are done what the hell, ME: mom she just got off my bus stop to go to wal mart she not even hanging out here, ME TO TORI IN PRIVATE: tori can someone come get you hahahaha
  10. our britney spears lucky video
  11. ditching restitution to go get food and my mom catching us
  12. going to mill creek and tori didnt even have to
  13. convincing tori to switch into chior and her saying she is a soprano just to be able to stand by me when we all know she is a bass.
  14. laughing in church when its supposed to be quiet
  15. mr murdocks class, and we would stop at the vending machine right before
  16. uhhhhh. mr simkins math class and uhhhh counting how many time he said uhh and him splitting us up and putting tori in the back of the class with all the brown people hahha
  17. having my dad drop us off to college ward activity cause we still didnt have cars hahaha
  18. drinking herbel tea on her porch
  19. girls camp ughhhhhhhh
  20. long talks about her dad and my mother
  21. boy drama, me kissing matt then puking all night cause i felt bad..and cute anne coming in and asking if i needed some tea
  22. driving glenns green jeep that was a stick shift hahaha get the hell out of the way, we almost killed ten emos haahahaha
  23. roller blading ALL over st. george
  24. crunch wraps
  25. el cheapo with mitch
  26. stalking, stalking, staliking
  27. latanyas yellow bug, and running it into a curb and it like bounced off
  28. doing weddings with my mom...wheres the keys wheres the keys
  29. marlo my hannnnnnnnnnd
  30. sharing clothes
  31. me losing her clothes and being sooooo scared of her
  32. almost breaking her phone, and she was so rude to me "vanessa i have student counicl shit to do"....
  33. walking to katies to swim on senior sluff day since we still didnt have our licsences
  34. my twin:)
  35. the landslide brought you down haha
  36. pushing people all around at the format concert
  37. packing you at 2 in the morning cause heaven know you didnt do it on your own
  38. moving you the next morning
  39. us working together at the palms

there are many other reasons i love her but those are some of my favs. miss you tons biotch:)

wheres my dogs at wheres my kitty kat

  1. we met in the 6th grade
  2. doing a kids camp ughhh and quiting half way through because we both realized we hated kids
  3. her birthday party when we all got cute flowered flip flops
  4. kareoke at her house..i am the best glenda
  5. watching laguna beach at her house cause heaven knows mtv could not be on at my house...well at least when my parents were home mwahaha
  6. mine and toris personal taxi cab since we didnt have our licsence
  7. swimming at her house
  8. laying out on her big floaty mattress
  9. making her ditch class and taking us places
  10. leaving numbers on cars
  11. stalking people
  12. prank calling
  13. girls camp and her falling while giving her testimony" i'll just stay down here"
  14. crunch wraps
  15. long talks in her car
  16. her laugh
  17. making her cry
  18. getting in the car wreck... jo jo to brother bringhurst " you made her get in the car wreck cause you called her parents and told them she was ditching your class so she was crying while driving"
  19. our specail chili dip
  20. you suck at back massages
  21. you introduce me to my husband
  22. if i was lezbo you would be my husband
  23. you make me laugh so hard
  24. you stayed and played rock band with some geek while i made out with cell phone boy in the other room ewww
  25. my awesome road trip WHICH ONE Y"ALLS THE FIRE FIGHTER
  26. us pretending to be a sleep while tori and kalli were gettin it on in the other room and the mom walks downstairs
  27. what was that damn dogs name
  28. gossip:)
  29. experimenting on my hair
  30. doing my hair for my wedding
  31. driving up north
  32. family get togethers
  33. sleepovers in your cozy bed
  34. hanging out with your moms clients
  35. staying at your grandmas
  36. running away to your house
  37. calling you to come get me when something embarassing happend
  38. going to cafe rio
  39. spread eagle in your car
  40. singing at the top of our loungs to format
  41. going to vegas
  42. going to the format concert and walking out feeling like a whole new women
  43. moving in with you for one day hahah

love ya long time
miss ya

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sleeping Chloe


click on this link to see poor chloe trying to sleep it is so funny