Friday, April 22, 2011


Summer is about to come and im about to become racially ambiguous...HELL YEAH !!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Glenda the good bitch this ones for you boo!!!

Glenn was being a diva and wanted me to make a post of all the reasons why I love him cause he saw that I did one for Kitty and Tori but I couldn't think of anything..sad, sorry glenn!! haha jk:)

  1. We met in the good old drama department..when he was prince charming's little b..haha
  2. Wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles haha WHATS DONE IS DONE.
  3. You cant help but laugh with him when he is laughing, he sounds like a little child in pain
  4. We went to el cheapo together and instead of going to all of the group date he took his moms card and went shopping and dropped me off to make out with some guy I had met hahah true friendship right there...
  5. Your greeen Jeep, tori not knowing how to drive stick and in the middle of the instersection coudn't stop " GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY" there were like ten poor little emo boys that almost lost there life that day!!
  6. Bbq's with your family
  7. Good laughs with your family love you GeNINE
  8. Cafe rio trips
  9. Doing all the shows together
  10. Belting to music
  11. Leaving my bra in your car and your mom freaked out cause she thought you were fooling around with a girl ahahahaha!!!
  12. Kareokee at kates house, I'm the best BOOYAH!
  13. Ice cream trips
  14. Laguna beach watching
  15. Laying out
  16. I was your mom in fiddler on the roof, still a little bitter about that
  17. you crying to us when you were sad..
  18. jojo
  19. I poped your glee cherry when you got home from your mission, and I was so scared you'd be offended but you fell in love with is are totally arty
  20. Remeber that time i was getting dressed and i was in my bra and I asked if it turned you on haha
  21. I met you at the airport when you got home from Canada, I was so bugged I couldnt hug you
  22. Im so glad that you stayed the same

there you go Glenn..The best guy friend I could ever have:)

Monday, August 9, 2010


seriously chad and I are not celebrities I dont know why I thought it was ok to combine our names as our blog site...we are not spidy nor benifer nor brangilina so nasty if i knew how to i would change it but since my sis is the one who helps me with that oh well ....p.s. I would totaly love to be a celebrity so if anyone knows how to make that happen let me know asap

homeward stretch

HELL TO THE YEAAAAH!!!!........ Only 17 more days till me and my girl C-lo.. are home

only seventeen more days until:)

..I enter that horrific airplane where I must contain my 18 month old diva daughter in a tiny seat...all I can say is she will be obease after that plane ride cause heaven knows i'll be shoving fruit snacks in her mouth to keep her happy.

..I see my family and friends

..I inhale a cafe rio pork salad with black beans, house dressing, and shredded lettuce, please. I could cry just thinking about tell you the truth I think I have missed it more than my fam dam ha sorry guys my golden child brother play baseball.

..not live in this nasty hot humid, GHETTO people town, honestly i would rather see primpy, hair poofed, crazed pagent utah girls then have to live with the crazies in Texas. see ECLIPSE with my sisters, I still have not seen it booooooooooo!!! off chloe and all her new tricks

..start making halloween costumes WAHOOOOOoOO

..look for a cute humble aboad to reside in

..Have a girls night with my besties

..Have a girls night with my sisters

..hell I can even have a girls night with my brothers

..see the beautiful red rocks

..see my favorites people in lehi:)

love and light batches (hahaha jersylicous)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010