Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dallas stadium ya'll...I posted a ton so go to older post to view all:)

the guys played football on the field for and hour they didnt want to stop it was chads dream come true im so glad we got to experience it

hahahahaha i think the guys like posing like them a little to much..this was my favorite part of the day for sure

us girls before we got into our uniforms for the game hahaha

chloe in her future job

us in the locker room each stall cost 10,000 dollars the wood was imported from africa

chloe and chaselyn playing ball...

all the hot:)

chloe and i ..i suck at blogging sorry they are all backwards

chloe shots

look chloe finally has some little curels haha yes:)

natalies birthday

chloe loves her spaghetti
hahaha chloe looks dazed

this is all of us girls at red robin look at little michelles head in the back and im tiny behind her ahahaa...and we are glad we made it all her safe...natalie almost got ran off the road in her car on the way here it was so scary...and we were supposed to go to bone daddy's but lets just say when we walked in there the name clearly says it all haha boobies

chaselynn cheesing it sorry nat if i spelt her name wrong

chloe closing her eyes haha

Saturday, May 15, 2010

its swimming season wahooooooooo

Chloe is getting so big I havent blogged forever so I thought I'd post some pics for those who haven't seen her in awhile:)

personally I think this is a great look for her

gotta have the big bow woo woo

first time in a swing