Wednesday, October 1, 2008


YES!!! we finally got a cute little house to move into...I was so excited to move in!! We took a quick trip to get all of our stuff from St. George. Knowing mine and Chad's luck things didnt go so smooth we go to get in our storage unit and the gate would not open I was so mad and of course it was the weekend so nobody was in the office so my husband hopped over the fence and broke into the gate box and manually opened the gate I was so proud of him hahaha...then Landon came to get some stuff and Dylan goes to open the gate for him and of course breaks the fence and sets off the alarm haha so typical Dylan he looks up and has a smile on his face he's like "What its not my fault"..haha well we booked it out of there and now I have all my cute stuff for my house thanks to my convict brother and husband LOVE YA...If only we could get the hot water in the shower to work that would be nice